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The Origin of Miss Anna's...

Miss Anna's grandfather, a fisherman from St. Lucia, first created the family recipe over 100 years ago to enhance the flavor of his daily meal of fish. Since the recipe's unique combination of flavor, heat, and attention to detail is what made the pepper sauce popular in the community, it was evident that the family was on to something. Her grandfather continued to use local peppers and spices to perfect this truly Caribbean, all natural recipe for several decades. As you might expect, the sauce caught on in a community that was heavily populated with fishermen and those making a living off of the sea.

Miss Anna's grandfather then passed the valuable family recipe on to her mother and the multi-generational tradition of producing and delighting her neighbor's taste buds was underway. Her mother taught Miss Anna every detail of the process of handcrafting a perfect, consistent batch of hot pepper sauce, preserving the specifics of the family recipe. The Recipe Moves to St. Croix when

Miss Anna moved her family to St. Croix, Miss Anna's Hot Pepper Sauce quickly became a welcome arrival in the U.S. Virgin Islands as well. Crucians recognized the handcrafted, Caribbean flavors in the sauce and Miss Anna became well-known on the island of St. Croix for adding a delicious element to dinner tables across the island.

She expanded the distribution of her sauce to the other two U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Thomas and St. John, while paying close attention to preserving the exact family recipe and handcrafted attention that makes the sauce like no other. During this expansion, she also introduced Miss Anna's Rainforest Seasoning to the islands, adding a flavorful green seasoning to the Miss Anna's family of products.

Today, as she begins to share the secrets of the trade and the production of Miss Anna's Hot Sauce with her children and grandchildren, four generations of passion and family tradition are as strong as ever. Most importantly, the original recipe that her grandfather created is still alive and well and is enjoyed more than ever by Crucians and throughout the Caribbean. In fact, the cabin you see on the bottle's label today is a depiction of her grandfather's cabin on St. Lucia, as remembered by her family.

Remaining Uniquely Flavorful After Four Generations

The ingredients that make Miss Anna's Hot Pepper Sauce so delicious are a combination of habanero peppers, Caribbean curry, local spices, mustard, and the handcrafted attention given to each bottle of the sauce. After 100 or more years, each batch of Miss Anna's Hot Pepper Sauce is still crafted in virtually the same way it was in the beginning. Every batch is blended, cooked, hand stirred, and bottled only when the flavor is just right. Since this formula has been successful for over 100 years, the Miss Anna's team sees no reason to change the tradition now. As Miss Anna has repeatedly said, "It's not about my picture on the bottle, it's about the sauce." We hope you enjoy the sauce as much as we do !

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